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a non-profit organization promoting communities development

serve communities

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fight vulnerability

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Generous companies and their employees further support high-impact projects, helping local communities thrive.

Serving communities

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Aid and Save is an independent and impartial international solidarity initiative that works to carry out concrete, relevant and effective actions to relieve vulnerable populations and solve social problems within Burkinabè communities.

Achille Sawadogo


How we help.

We invest in four key areas

We help to provide healthcare free of charge

Aid and Save provide sanitary relief to populations mainly women and teens that depend on artisanal gold mining for their livelihood.

We fund healthcare projects and medical researches targeting vulnerable rural populations in Burkina.

Education and innovation

Aid and Save trains youth on the importance of innovation in a changing world and supports them to fulfill their ideas.

We fund innovative and I.T projects based on social change targeting youth and girls.

we Promote Social inclusion

Aid and Save gives a great importance to the financial and social inclusion of marginalised people.

We fund projects that make financial and social services accessible in rural and remote areas.

We bring relief to communities

Aid and Save provides financial support to communities stricken by  natural disasters.

We fund projects that are able to spread out relief quickly and provide a transparent response to people in need.

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Jouer au ludo pour raffermir le vivre-ensemble.

Le dimanche 30 Avril 2023 s’est tenue la troisième compétition de jeux de société entrant dans le cadre du Projet Jouer Pour la #Paix (#JPP) financé par la Fondation Aid & Save et mis en œuvre en collaboration avec des associations et personnes ressources locales. Ce projet qui a débuté en janvier 2023 a pour objectif de contribuer efficacement à la promotion et la construction d’une paix durable entre les communautés du Burkina Faso.
Cette 4e compétition s’est faite autour d’un jeu de ludo qui a rassemblé 150 participants dont 32 joueurs. La compétition a débuté à 16h et a pris fin à 17h 30. Les participants ont salué cette initiative de la Fondation qui est selon eux une bonne opportunité pour rappeler les vertus de la #paix et du vivre ensemble.
Rendez – vous à la prochaine compétition.