Aid and Save is the first Burkina-based international solidarity initiative to experience the cryptocurrency raising approach. It was initiated in 2017 by two friends passionate of international cooperation and global equity.

Reflections around that started in 2011 in Belgium, during a study journey which gathered students from Europe and ACP countries.In 2014, a first field visit in Burkina Faso helped us to understand the real needs of rural populations and think how we could respond to it.In 2015 during ahumanitarian mission in DRC Congo we got to touch on poverty in very rural field and to be inspired by a multisectoral project on place.Many other journeys in Europe, in the U.S and Asia allowedus to refine our ideas while expanding our network of technical and financial partners.

Aid and Save is a response to bureaucratic and complex development industry which sometimes wrongly excludes some efficient field organisations from funding opportunities.Our approach is simple: we give the chance to beginners, innovators and most vulnerable to make a change by providing them with small grants and technical assistance.

Most of our donors are individuals and companies who campaign for the cause of most marginalised in society and believe in our approach for a more equitable world.So far, more than 50,000 USD were distributed to charitable projects in Burkina Faso in the fields of Health, Education, Protection and Emergency.